The heartbeat of our church is people; both those who are already a part of our Church family, and those in this great community.

We believe that as we demonstrate the love of God in everything we do, we become what the church was always intended to be!

New Life Christian Church  is about two things:

  • We love the presence of God! We love it when people come in contact with God in a real and personal way.
  • We are a Church that is passionate about reaching and caring for families, and people of all generations.

New Life Christian Church is a GENERATIONAL Church. This means we cater for each generation on Sunday. KIDSZONE (our Kid’s ministry) is a fantastic place for our kids to make new friends, have fun with craft, games, and learn more about God & the Bible.

New Life Christian Church is a PASSIONATE Church. We love to worship God. We are in the process of regenerating and redeveloping the church to have a great culture to reach the people in our community. We love Mission, and invest in all we can Local, National and Global!

If there is anything else you need or cannot find please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to help you in anyway.